What is galaSAT?

High Altitude balloons (HAB’s) are unmanned balloons that are released into the stratosphere, generally accomplishing between 15 to 30 km. A High Altitude Balloon is a big latex balloon that is capable of carrying a bunch of objects to near space – the area of Earth’s atmosphere where there is very little air. These balloons are filled with helium or hydrogen and expand as they ascend through atmosphere.

High Altitude Ballooning is a multi-skilled hobby in which you get to explore a region of the earth “Near Space” without the need for enormous budgets.

galaSAT Project is set up by a group of students from Antonio Gala High School in Palma del Rio (Spain) who are keen on High Altitude balloons (HAB’s) They test our abilities to plan, design and construct electronics, teaches us about radio theory and gps modules and then allows us to put all this to the test at an altitude of 30000 meters, -50º C and less then 1% atmosphere.

In addition, our project can be used for a number of important tasks, such as:

  1. Aerial image with high resolution and variable altitude.
  2. Long-term Monitoring.
  3. Platform for scientific tests.
  4. Atmospheric Scanning.

The idea of this website is to document our progress as a record of the project, share our experiences and encourage and inspire others to get a Project.