Balloon inflation tube

We need a way to move the helium from our tank into the balloon. A Weather Balloon Inflator allows us to inflate our weather balloon with ease, safety, and confidence.

The balloon inflation tube keeps the balloon neck open and provides a sturdy nozzle to push helium through. Using the inflation tube doesn’t need to be an exact science, especially since it is designed for ease of use. When you are filling your balloon the best way to know you have got the right amount of gas is to weigh the pull of the balloon. We use a scale to ensure how much lift the balloon will provide.

To read the scale, leave the balloon taped to the inflation tube and let the balloon lift both the tube and one end of the scale. The PVC tube weighs about 0.45 Kg, so we should read the Neck Lift (how much the inflated balloon will lift) as 0.45 Kg plus what the scale indicates. The greatest amount of success for most flights is when the neck lift is plus the weight of the payload.