Getting in touch with Cristian Troncoso Vasquez

We have read, on The Internet, a report which describes how to use APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System). We hope APRS will allow us to track the high altitude balloon flight in our project. Mr. Cristian Troncoso Vasquez, a Chilean engineer, is the author of this report which was the thesis for his Master’s degree in Networks and Telecommunications Systems.

After reading his detailed report we are really keen on solving several doubts. That is why we have got in touch with him by e-mail. And now we are waiting for a quick answer…

APRS World
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galaSAT project has been born

A High Altitude Balloons (HAB) is an unmanned balloon that is released into the stratosphere, generally accomplishing between 15 to 35 km. A HAB is capable of carrying a bunch of objects to near space. The set of objects that are attached to a HAB is known as the payload. Payloads generally contain electronic equipment such as radio transmitters, cameras, or satellite navigation systems, such as GPS receivers. Because of the low cost of these equipments, high altitude ballooning is a popular hobby nowadays.

After a first experience helping LIMASAT IV to make two different electronics devices to log GPS position and temperature/ humidity during the HAB flight. A group of students, who are keen on Science and Technology, from Antonio Gala High School in Palma del Rio have set up galaSAT.

galaSAT Project tests our abilities to plan, design and construct electronics, teaches us about radio theory and gps modules and then allows us to put all this to the test at an altitude of 30 km, -50º C and less then 1% atmosphere.

And now it’s time to make it happen.

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